How It Works

Your iNumbr and Social Link give you control over how and when your calls come to you. iNumbr lets you pick any phone where your calls can be forwarded (U.S. and Canada numbers only). By setting your preferences, we can filter your calls as you wish -- by caller, by time of day or even allowing you to decide “on the fly” whether or not to take a call. It’s quick and simple!

Callers can contact you in two ways:

1. Using your iNumbr,

Callers dial your iNumbr directly (example: 415-123-4567).

2. Using your Social Link

When you use your Social Link, the caller first sees your custom profile where you can describe yourself, your business or whatever you may be selling online. The caller clicks on your Social Link, enters their phone number and clicks “Call Now.” It’s that simple.

iNumbr is perfect for all your personal and business interactions. Great for Facebook, MySpace, eBay, Craigslist, LinkedIn, or anywhere you would use your personal phone number.

Powerful management features put you in charge:

Whether a call comes through your iNumbr or Social Link, the service acts as your personal assistant, handling your calls, as you want, when you want. Before your phone even rings, iNumbr uses your preferences to decide whether to play a message to the caller, automatically block a call or let you decide what to do. Your preferences act as a filter that iNumbr uses to handle your calls quickly and easily.

Paired for power!

Each iNumbr is paired with a Social Link so that you have the flexibility to communicate the way you want. The preferences you set will apply to each pair automatically.

Now it’s easier than ever to socialize, transact and communicate safely and with the control and privacy you deserve.

Don’t give out your own number. Use iNumbr!