Empower Your Voice

iNumbr was founded in 2006 with the mission of “phone-enabling” virtually every social interaction in a way that is safe and controllable for the consumer. Whether you are networking, transacting online, or meeting someone new, iNumbr allows you to use your phone to communicate easily, safely and without revealing your number. Anywhere you would normally share your phone number, use iNumbr instead. Our service works with any cell phone or landline.

Simple Call Management

iNumbr lets you manage how and when you can be contacted through your phone. You can easily block callers, set "Do Not Disturb" hours and even play a greeting to all callers BEFORE the call is connected. iNumbr gives you the power to decide what calls get through to you.

Privacy, Security and Peace of Mind

The privacy of our customers is our number one concern. With reverse look-up databases, your phone number has become a gateway into your personal information and your private life. If you appreciate the value of using your phone, but keeping your information private then give our service a try.

Join our rapidly growing community of people who are taking control of their privacy and callers with iNumbr!

"Have you ever posted a Craigslist ad with your phone number? If you have not, trust me it is far from a good idea. You will wind up with whackos calling you in addition to voice spammers adding your phone number to their repository or database… " - Karl Gechlik, Make Use Of

Management Team

Randy Dean – CEO

Randy brings more than 20 years of experience in the consumer online industry. As one of the earliest employees of America Online, Randy pioneered many of the first online, interactive products and services. His background includes extensive experience in the development, management and distribution of online content, as well as business development, marketing, advertising sales and business operations.

Chuck Mitchell – President

Chuck has 20 years of experience as a successful innovator and entrepreneur, producing award winning consumer products for distribution via satellite, cable, mobile, proprietary platforms and the Internet. Chuck’s experience and expertise in real-time communications and interactive services includes business development, product development and executive management.

Ritesh Kumar – Advisor

As the founder of Numbr, Ritesh is a seasoned telecom veteran. Numbr’s teleAPI provides a simple solution for a whole new level of capability and performance well beyond what was previously possible with traditional web offerings.