Simple Plans for Individual and Business Use

All plans come with complete call management and privacy features.

Add more direct dial numbers to any plan for $2.99/month!

Personal Plan

  • $6.99/month
  • 1 direct dial virtual number
  • 120 minutes of talk time*

Professional Plan

  • $9.99/month
  • 1 direct dial phone line
  • 1 additional line with up to three extensions
  • 120 shared minutes of talk time*

Direct Dial Bundles

  • $99.99/month
  • 25 direct dial lines
  • 1000 minutes talk time*

Upgrades and Add-ons

  • Upgrade plan to 500 minutes +$19.99/month
  • Upgrade plan to 1200 minutes +$39.99/month
  • Add lines to any plan for $2.99/month
    (add-on lines renew with parent plan billing cycle)


Features include:
  • Each virtual number can be customized with any available area code
  • Inbound Caller ID options
  • Outbound Caller ID Privacy options
  • Individual settings and profile management for every number
  • Easy greeting set-up
  • Number blocking
  • Do Not Disturb
  • Support for multiple phones
  • Voicemail
  • Privacy code (for extra call security)
  • You’ll find all the call management and customization features in the "My Profiles" section of your account.
* Complete Billing Details:
  • Plans are monthly subscriptions that are billed immediately.
  • All minutes overages will be billed separately at $.06/minute.