Why Use iNumbr?

Get a powerful solution that empowers your phone for business or personal use. Manage inbound callers with simple call settings that route your calls as they come in, or use our live prompts to route calls as they arrive. Our service helps professionals and businesses by providing easy-to-use call management features. Individual users can easily protect their number with a variety of call privacy options.

Power and Flexibility

  • Choose your area code
  • Forward the calls to any phone
  • Separate business and personal calls
  • Simple to insert greetings, route calls and manage callers
  • Voice mail and call logs for each number
  • Know which phone line is calling before you answer

Great Privacy Options

  • Inbound Caller ID options
  • Outbound Caller ID Privacy options
  • Control your availability using Do Not Disturb settings
  • Block specific callers from contacting you

Make your phone more useful. Get more control. Empower your business.

All great reasons to use iNumbr!