iNumbr in the press:


"It is a proven fact that by providing a phone number you are much more likely to make a sale. It adds to your credibility as well as it shows you care. Let’s take a look at how iNumbr can help you in your eBay auctions, classified ads or even to give out to girls you meet at a club."

PC World

"Savvy online shoppers will often use disposable credit-card numbers (which are available from PayPal and some banks) to protect their privacy. Here's a perfect companion: iNumbr… These throwaways are ideal for things like Craiglist ads, where you might want to include contact information--but not your contact information."


"We've mentioned iNumbr twice before when it was called Craigsnumber and simply numbr.. but it’s the only dead simple disposable phone number service we know of."

Hack A Day

"Maybe you don’t want that one person that has barged into your life to know your private phone number? Could be a salesperson or a co-worker who you aren’t that impressed with, but have to get in contact with. Check out iNumbr."